• Stop fighting, start winning

  • Full disclosure: I "met" Tom Fay through an online discussion that was totally unrelated to his book. I liked him and appreciated the perspective he brought to the other issues, so I bought his book more as a show of support than because I thought I needed it (I'm blessed to be financially secure).

    Don't you just love how God works? I was expecting a book about real estate and money. I got a book reminding me about the amazing power of surrendering yourself and your life to God. Life gets so much easier when we stop struggling and let God be in control.

    This is an easy read -- and worth reading more than once. Tom's knowledge of scripture is apparent. His explanations are clear and valuable, whether you are a Bible scholar or you never take your Bible off the shelf.

    We absolutely live in challenging times. This book will help you overcome those challenges and thrive, no matter what they are.

    Jacquelyn Lynn, author of Choices, a Joyful Cup Story