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  • Hard Times and a Shaken Faith?
    Turbulent times require extraordinary faith. Or better yet, turbulent times require the faith that Jesus walked and talked for three years of public ministry. Jesus talked about a sower, a king, a slave, and a leper, yet most of us have never seen one of them. But those were the situations that people of his day understood. The author, Tom Fay, looks at the financial and home foreclosure crisis and uses it to describe the same faith that Jesus taught. So whatever your personal crisis is today, there is an answer in the faith that Jesus taught. Whether your crisis is about your health, a relationship, money, or whatever life has brought you, Jesus would tell you to have faith. This book is about that faith.

    Is Faith Really Relevant for My Problems?
    Jesus talked about the faith of a mustard seed to move a mountain into the sea. So surely our faith today should be able to move a mountain of debt. Can God pay your mortgage? Will the bank accept your "faith" for payment? Mr. Fay shows both biblically and from experience that yes, faith does make mortgage payments.

    Not a "Feel Good" Book.
    This is not a "feel good" book that you will read and enjoy. It is a hard-hitting study of what the genuine Christian faith is all about. The author looks at faith as a verb and not a noun. Faith requires an action on our part - not to be confused though with "good works" - and it produces an action on God's part.

    Finally an Author Who Has Been There!
    Tom Fay shares the pains, worry and doubt that confronts most of us when embarking on a life of faith. But he doesn't share it in a sterile laboratory, but in real life. He has been though it and survived.

    But What If This Book Could Change Your Life?
    And after having gone through great struggles of faith we find that we have an "anchor" that holds us during the next and larger crisis. The author explains what that anchor might look like and what it can do as a life altering event.

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