• Frequently Asked Questions

  • What inspired Tom to write a book about George Muller?

     Tom wanted to tell the story of a complicated man who decided to put his complete faith and trust in Jesus Christ. This was a man whose faith grew over time. Each time God answered his prayer, George Muller's faith got stronger. But he started out just like us. His story could be your story; and in fact, he wanted you to live like him in faith.

    What is the price of the book?

     "Let The Children Come" is available for $19.95.

    Where can I buy it?

    You can pre-order it on Tom Fay's website and soon on Amazon.

    What other books are available by Tom Fay?

    Tom Fay has also written, "Saving Your Faith, Your Home, and Your House". In this book, Tom looks at the financial and home foreclosure crisis and uses it to describe the same faith that Jesus taught. So whatever your personal crisis is today, there is an answer in the faith that Jesus taught. Whether your crisis is about your health, a relationship, money, or whatever life has brought you, Jesus would tell you to have faith. This book is about that faith.

    Where can I buy this book?

     "Saving Your Faith, Your Home, and Your House" is currently available on Amazon.