• The Inspiring Life of George Müller

    I first heard of George Müller when a freshman in Bible College. The story of his life both encouraged me and challenged me to live by faith and perhaps you too.

    And that is the way it should be - testimonies of living by faith inspire us to do the same.

    The author of Hebrews in chapter eleven lists person after person in the Old Testament who lived by faith.

    I didn't want to write a history book of his life or biography or something that wasn't relatable. I wanted to tell the story of a complicated man who decided to put his complete faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

    This was a man whose faith grew over time. Each time God answered his prayer, George Müller's faith got stronger. But he started out just like us. His story could be your story; and in fact, he wanted you to live like him in faith. 

    I hope you will find his story as inspirational as I do, and that it will help you see your faith in new ways.  

    - Tom Fay


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