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    Tom Fay

    Tom Fay has had a most interesting and fulfilling life. Growing up on a farm in northern Illinois helped him to develop character, strength, and independence, and his entrepreneurial proclivity became obvious at a young age. It was during these early years that Tom began to cultivate a deep relationship with God.

    After graduating from the Grand Rapids School of Bible and Music (now Cornerstone University) with honors in Theology, Tom was called into the ministry at a church in the suburbs of San Diego, California. A few years later, Tom was inspired to found Southern California Bible College, which merged with another college in 1997 to form the Southern California Seminary.

    At age 30, Tom went back to obtain further education at Simpson College in San Francisco (now Simpson University in Redding, California). After graduating, he entered into the business world, dabbling in everything from real estate to telecommunications. He made and lost a fortune several times over the years, but his entrepreneurial drive gave him the motivation he needed to keep pressing forward with grit and creativity. 

    Eventually, Tom felt a stirring to return to vocational ministry and enrolled at Fuller Seminary. He graduated with a Master of Arts in Global Leadership in 2016. Tom is now a student at Duke University and will be earning his Doctor of Ministry degree in 2022.

    Tom’s experiences in both vocational Christian ministry and the business world have given him a passion to see Christians walk in radical faith. He wholeheartedly believes that the faith Jesus taught about in the gospels is as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago. And faith is not just pertinent to our spiritual lives, either. It is also deeply relevant in the business world, the entertainment industry, at the grocery store, and in every corner of our world.

    The central theme of all of Tom's writing - and his life - is the power of faith. As you read his books, Tom prays that you will be encouraged to place your trust in the God for whom nothing is impossible!